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Bettafish all varieties extreme coloration and health .A fish which can live in low oxygen water ..available at pacific aquarium masabtank banjarahills Hyderabad..
sunken driftwood for a healthy freshwater aquarium.natural freshwater habitats includes driftwood by which the ph of aquarium water can be well maintained.for more visit pacific aquarium at masabtank banjarahills hyderabad
The Emperor Tetra A superb fish which lives in Columbia, in the San Juan river system .It grows to 5.5cm long and the sexes are easily distinguishable ;in males the medium rays of caudal fin are elongated, while females have fuller ventral region and there colours are less vivid than Males. The name 'Emperor Tetra' probably arose due to the fact that it is always the strongest male who dominates over the group and forcefully chases away all other males , thus creating the impression that he is holding sway over the whole group. The full beauty of the Emperor Tetra comes to the fore in a larger shoals. water chemistry for this fish is PH value of 7.0 7.5 and a temperature of 24 -26 C .feed this fish with high grade quality of flakes besides Tubifex worms and micro pellets are best considered. Best buy this healthy specimens from none other than PACIFIC AQUARIUM Masbtank near rd no I Banjarahills Hyderabad , the one and only Pet store to offer you the largest collection of freshwater and saltwater aquarium fishes .Aquarium accessories, natural plants, Aquarium electronic gadgets , full range of fish foods etc ..Our store has fascinated many fish keeping hobbyist and is always distributing a guidance to every new customers to get about the fullest of there hobby in terms of nature ..visit our store to know the concealed love of nature in you....PACIFIC AQUARIUM (Bring home the nature). contact us at 9989834584 9908793101
The Angel fish is from the waters of Amazon River.Older Males have a more powerful head.A large school of young fish kept together until the time of sexual maturity spontaneously breaks up into pairs. The Angel fish has been produced in numerous colours mutations from short fins to veil tail fins whose colour ranges from natural smoky, grey, marble to blotchy, two_toned or completely black or golden. The elegance of this fish becomes noticeable if more specimens are kept together in properly and tastefully arranged tanks capable of holding 250_500 ltrs of freshwater with a temperature of 26_28 C and a PH of 6.5-7.0 Feed this fish with a variety of foods specially with spirulina granules, flakes, tubifex and blood worms etc, (small fish frys are specially welcomed ) Buy the healthy specimens of this fish from PACIFIC AQUARIUM in Hyderabad located at Masbtank near rd no I Banjarahills where live stock is specially quarantined .The one and only pets store in Hyderabad city with the largest collection of freshwater and saltwater fishes, Aquarium accessories, natural plants, electronic gadgets, fish foods and for all AQUARIUM necessities . PACIFIC AQUARIUM (Bring home the nature) contact us at 9989834584 9908793101
The Marble Hatchet Fish which lives in the central and upper stretches of the Amazon as well as in the rivers of British Guyana, favouring small forest creeks with soft, slightly acid water at a temperature of 25 C it grows to a length of4.5cm and is a surface dweller making use of its large pectoral fins, this fish is capable of jumping several meters .The Aquarium therefore must be well covered with a glass sheet. The Marble Hatchet Fish has a characteristic hatched like body shape;hence it's name . there is practically no sexual dimorphism only a view from the above allows one to determine the sex ;the female is somewhat fuller bodied in the opinion of many American authors This fish prefers food floating on the surface or found in the middle layers of water besides mosquito larvae, fruit flies and insects are most welcome. buy this rare fish from PACIFIC AQUARIUM Masbtank near rd no I Banjarahills Hyderabad where you can find the best collection of freshwater and saltwater fishes , Aquarium accessories, Aquarium electronic gadgets, branded fish foods, fish health care and medicines, Aquarium decorations etc .We also provides Aquariums Custom and Moulded glass , Outdoor waterfalls etc .The one and only pets store in Hyderabad where you would be guided how to take care and handle your pets in terms of nature for plz visit our store at www. and find the concealed love of nature in you PACIFIC AQUARIUM (Bring home the nature) contact us at 9908793101 9989834584