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'low oxygen water'
Bettafish all varieties extreme coloration and health .A fish which can live in low oxygen water ..available at pacific aquarium masabtank banjarahills Hyderabad..
sunken driftwood for a healthy freshwater aquarium.natural freshwater habitats includes driftwood by which the ph of aquarium water can be well maintained.for more visit pacific aquarium at masabtank banjarahills hyderabad
The warm waters an shallow streams of Thailand and the east Indies are the habitat of superbly coloured fish RedTailShark.The RedTailShark grows to A lentgh of 12, cm .Already when small this fish take part in violent territorial struggles and their roughness increase with age.the suitable environment for this fish are soft water at 24-26C.purchase this fish from Pacific Aquarium the most trusted and the best aquarium store, the largest collection of live fishes visit PACIFIC AQUARIUM(Bring home the nature)Masabtank near banjarahills rdno1 Hyderabad
Although in their original home Brazil , these fish may be found in all kinds of waters, with a PH value of 5.0-7.0 but in captivity they are evidently more sensitive to the quality of water.Large specimens may attain a length of 15cm their sex may be determining only at the time of breeding .Blood worms and selected quality granules are better food for fish.for more information plz contact us at Pacific Aquarium the bigger, better and best aquarium shop in Banjarahills Hyderabad . Visit our store to find Aquarium accessories, Live collection of freshwater fishes .Aquarium natural plants , fish food and all other Aquarium necessities under one roof PACIFIC AQUARIUM(BRING HOME THE NATURE).
Betta fish extreme coloration.A fish which can live in low oxygen content.available at Pacific aquarium masabtank banjarahills Hyderabad.