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The Betta fish (Siamese Fighting fish)is a native to the shallow and warm waters of Eastindies, Siam, Vietnam and the Malay Peninsula. Adult fish attain a length of 6cm.In comparison with the females males dorsal, coudal, anal and ventral fins are longer and may become extremely veil shaped. Adult males have life and death struggles for their territories hence it is this character that gave the species its name Fighting fish(Betta fish).Favourite diet of this fish includes Tubifex worms , Blood worms and mosquito larvae etc.The Betta fish refuses to take granulated or flake foods. Best buy this fish from PACIFIC AQUARIUM Masbtank near rd no I Banjarahills Hyderabad.The biggest Pets store in Hyderabad.Major collection of freshwater fishes, Aquarium accessories, custom and moulded glass Aquarium.Fish foods and all kinds of aquarium decorations etc.Visit our store to enjoy the concealed love of nature in you. PACIFIC AQUARIUM(Bring home the nature)contact us at 9989834584 9908793101.
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