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welcome back to the official webpage of Pacific Aquarium Masbtank Hyderabad .This following web page was created to allow it's readers , customers , to know the best of their fishkeeping hobby in terms of Nature . It is all about how this wonderful water pets live in their native water bodies , so that the same conditions can be followed in ur home Aquarium . plz like an share the most so that every fish keeping hobbyist specially the new ones gets benefited .. The Pearl Gourami is a native to the Malay Peninsula, Thailand, Sumatra And Borneo . It is caught in great numbers where sewerage from native villages flows directly in to the Water .It is 11cm labyrinth fish , reared in Europe since 1933. The Male's ventral region is blood red , and a long dorsal fin tapers to a point , the anal fin is more prominent and it's rays are extended into thread like appendages.The Pearl Gourami is a warmth _loving fish , mild and easily startled fish .it likes warm , well Planted Aquarium's and the company of a placid fish species . water chemistry for this fish is , temperature of 25_28C degrees and a PH of 7.0 etc feed this fish with plenty of live and dry tubifex worms and mosquito larvae and it doesn't not refuse to artificial frozen foods , flakes and granulated pellets etc for more details call us at Pacific Aquarium Masbtank Hyderabad @ 9989833584 - 9908793101 PACIFIC AQUARIUM HYDERABAD (Bring home the Nature)
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